2022 – 2023: Active Neighbours: Cross-Border Cooperation in the Czech-German Borderland. Czech-German Future Fond (member of the research team)
2017 – 2021: Active Borders as a Source of the Europeanization of Public Sphere, Czech Science Foundation (head of the research team, 2.4 million CZK)
2014 – 2017: Local Political Elites as Key Actors of Democratisation, Czech Science Foundation (head of the research team, 1.6 million CZK)
2007 – 2013: Governance in Globalised Society and Economy , Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (member of the team)
2006 – 2008: Transparency of Financing in the Nongovernmental Sector in the CZR, Czech Ministry of Interior(member of the team)
2005 – 2009: Civil Society and New Forms of Governance, European Network of Excellence (member of the team)